The Love Witch (2016)

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Release Date : Nov 11, 2016
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Running Time : 120 mins
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Synopsis : The Love Witch (2016)

Elaine is an elegant young witch who wants to find a man who’d love her. She makes love potions, takes men and seduces them in her apartment. With her spells working quite well, she ends up with a number of unfortunate victims. This time she finally meets the man of her dreams but her desperate nature to be loved drives her insane and furthermore her cruel intention to assassinate. This visual style movie is a tribute to the Technicolor thrillers made in the 1970s. The love Witch is an exploration of female fantasy also focusing on the consequences of pathological vanity. The movie focuses on the cruel and negative traits of a human to possible extent and could serve a different dose altogether.
This movie has been written and directed by Anna Biller starring Samantha Robinson,Gian Keys,Laura Weddell etc.

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