Life on the Line (2016)

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Release Date : Aug 18, 2016
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Running Time : 97 mins
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Synopsis : Life on the Line (2016)

Life on the line is an action thriller and a family based plot. It involves an uncle, his niece and other hard working men who live to keep the electric grid running. The uncle, Beau and his niece, Bailey are the major characters, but the plot revolves around the life of the linemen who work through rains and storms without deterring from work. Their lives are constantly at risk while they carry around heavy voltage wires, and work in dangerous conditions. And yet, they simply do not run away from what they are to do to keep the United States in the supply of electricity. Beau is very dedicated to Bailey and hopes to send her off to college so that she is not open to such severity of work like he is. But Bailey has other plans, and it involves someone who Beau dislikes. With a tempest coming in, Beau and the other linemen have an impossible task of keeping the community alive and connected.

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